Upcoming Programs: None 

Next Club Business Meeting Unknown - NO DOG TRAINING

This meeting will be held at Walteria Park in the Senior Center. NO DOGS

Upcoming Events:

Club Christmas Party

Recent Events:

Annual Christmas Party

Annual Picnic

Installation Dinner

The Christmas Party

October meeting will have speaker Sharon Rose from the Redondo Beach Police K9 Dog Therapy Facility Program

The Club's annual picnic

Redondo Beach Police K9 Trials on July 21, 2018

On August 2, 2018, Earlene Winn, Owner of Tailwagger's Massage and Hydrofitness "" spoke on the benefits of dog massages, swimming, and dog wellness. 

Installation dinner

The Christmas Party

The annual picnic

Installation dinner in May 2017

Los Angeles Guide Dog Puppy Raisers program

Club's Christmas party 

Annual Picnic

The Annual Installation dinner

A program on Puppy Behavior at our regular April 2016 club meeting

The Club's Christmas party which replaces the December meeting.

There will be a presentation by the writer of the book "The Adventures of Paris The Wonder Dog" at the October Meeting.

There will be a presentation by the Torrance Hospital Pet Visitation Program at the August meeting

The installation dinner in place of the May meeting


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