Upcoming Class schedules *

Current Class: April 30, 2024 through July 9, 2024 (Graduation)

Next Class: July 16, 2024 (Registration)


*Classes are subject to “rain outs”. Please confirm the date of the start of the next class by viewing the home page, or if the information you need is not found on this site call Rick at 310-329-0202 or send email by clicking on address


Basic Obedience Class:

The DOCOT Basic Obedience Class is a 10 week course that culminates in the graduation exercise with a judge. Training your dog will help your dog fit happily into your home and creates a bond between you and your dog. Group classes give your dog the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and handlers in a controlled environment.

The person handling the dog must now be18 years of age or older. The dog should be six months or older and must be on a leash. No dogs on registration night (first meeting).

When and Where: 

Classes meet each Tuesday promptly at 7:30 - 9:00 PM on the playing field at Walteria Park 3855 W. 242nd Street, Torrance.


The 10 week course is $80.00 and is payable at registration at or before the first class meeting.

Current Trainer:

Our current trainer, Rick Jacoby, joined DOCOT in 1981. He worked with three different trainers over the next several years in both novice and open class obedience. Rick attended AKC seminars on training and obedience judging. In 1986 he took over DOCOT’s weekly workshop. In 1991 he began training with Jim and Jose Butzirus. In 2002 Rick became the Head Trainer with the assistance of Tammy Harrison.

Basic Obedience Training Course

The purpose of basic obedience training is to gain control of your dog so it will fit better into your family environment.

The Basic Obedience Course consists of:

1. Heel  2. Sit - Stay  3. Down - Stay  4. Recall  5. Finish

Outline and Tentative Schedule

Class Activities                                                                                                                                             Week
1. Registration, lecture, course content and general instructions. (NO DOGS AT THIS SESSION)

2. Inspection of equipment, instruction in heeling, sit, change of direction and pace

3. Heeling, change of pace and direction, sit-stay, down, and weave the ring.

4. Heeling, sit stay, down stay, the Finish, and weave the ring.

5. Heeling, sit stay with distractions, down stay with distraction, the finish, and recall.

6. Heeling, sit stay with distractions, down stay with distraction, the finish, recall, and stand.

7. Heeling, sit stay with distractions, down stay with distraction, finish, and recall.

8. Heeling, sit stay with distractions, down stay with distraction, finish, and recall.

9. Review and Instructions for Graduation.

10. Graduation. Each dog demonstrates its mastery of the exercises before a judge.

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